Poly VVX 350 – Guide


This guide covers the use of your Poly VVX 350 phone.

Device Overview

Guided Tour

Lines View

The Lines View is your phone’s default display, which allows you to select a phone line, view calls on a shared line, or allows you to quickly call a contact that is listed as a favorite.

Home View

The Home View is displayed by pressing the Home key. From here, you can initiate new calls and access your messages, Directories, Do Not Disturb, and Call Forwarding features, as well as the phone’s settings and applications.

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Placing Calls

To place a call:

  1. Dial the number.
  2. Pick up the Handset.
  3. Press the Speakerphone or Headset key.

Answering Calls

Depending on your preference, there are multiple ways to answer an incoming call.

  1. To answer a call with your Handset, simply lift the receiver to connect to the call.
  2. To answer a call via speakerphone press the Speakerphone button.
  3. To answer a call via headset feature press the Headset button.
  4. You can press the Answer softkey to receive the call. When selected, the call is answered using your speakerphone.

To answer an incoming call when you’re already on an active call:

  1. Press the Answer softkey.
  2. Your first call will automatically be placed on hold.
  3. To retrieve your first call, use the navigation arrows to scroll to that call.
  4. Then, press the Resume softkey.


To put an active call on hold:

  1. Press the Hold button or the Hold softkey.
  2. To resume the call, press the Hold button again or the Resume softkey.

If you have more than one call on hold, using the navigation arrows, select the call you wish to reconnect with and press the Resume softkey.

Note: If you have the music-on-hold option assigned to your profile, calling parties put on hold will hear music while they wait for you to return to the call.


To place a call on mute, while on an active call, press the Mute button. To unmute a caller, press the Mute button again.

Blind Transfer

A Blind (or unannounced) Transfer takes place when you transfer a call to someone else without announcing the call first.

To conduct a blind transfer while on an active call:

  1. Press the Transfer button or softkey.
  2. Press the Blind softkey.
  3. Dial a number or choose a contact for from the call list or directory.

The call is immediately transferred.

Consulted Transfer

A Consulted (or announced) Transfer is performed when you announce the call to the recipient prior to transferring the call.

To conduct a consisted transfer while on an active call:

  1. Press the Transfer button or softkey.
  2. Enter the destination to which you wish to transfer the call.
  3. Press the Send softkey. The caller is automatically placed on hold.
  4. Once the receiving party answers, announce the call.
  5. To complete the transfer, press the Transfer button or softkey again.

Direct-to-Voicemail Transfer

A Direct-to-Voicemail Transfer is performed when you wish to transfer a call directly to another user’s voicemail.

To conduct a Direct-to-Voicemail Transfer, while on an active call:

  1. Press the Transfer button or softkey. The caller is automatically placed on hold.
  2. Enter Star (*), Star (*), and then the Extension.
  3. Press Transfer again to complete the voicemail transfer.

Three-Way Conference Call

To initiate a Three-Way Conference Call, while on an active call:

  1. Press the More softkey.
  2. Press the Conference softkey. The first call is then held.
  3. Dial the second number.
  4. When the second party answers, press the More softkey.
  5. Press the Conference softkey again to connect the calls.

Do No Disturb

The Do Not Disturb feature is used to send all incoming calls directly to Voicemail. To enable Do Not Disturb, from the main screen, press the DND softkey.

You can also enable Do Not Disturb by pressing the Home button. Use the Down Navigational arrow to locate the DND icon and press Select. You will see the Do Not Disturb icon by your extension line appearance, indicating that the feature has been enabled.

Once Do Not Disturb is enabled, calls cannot be received until you disable the feature. To disable this feature, repeat the previous steps.

Note: The Do Not Disturb button may work differently, depending on how your extension has been configured by your administrator. For instance, in some cases when you enable DND it will impact incoming calls not only to your desk phone but also to your other connected devices.

Call Park

To park a call, while on an active call:

  1. Select Transfer.
  2. Enter Star (*) 103 Pound(#).
  3. You will be given a parking spot or number; please write it down for future use.
  4. Once provided and written down, hit Transfer again.

Your call will now be parked.

Retrieving Parked Calls

Parked calls can be retrieved from any phone within the office. To retrieve a parked call:

  1. Dial Star (*) 104 Pound(#).
  2. When prompted, dial the parking spot or number you were provided plus Pound(#).

Your call will now be retrieved from the park.

Add Contacts

To add a contact, from the Home view:

  1. Use the navigation arrows to select Directories.
  2. Then select Contact Directory.
  3. Press the Add softkey.
  4. Using the keypad enter the contact’s first name, last name, phone number and job title.
  5. You can also set a contact to Favorite here, this will allow you to dial them from the line buttons on your phone screen.
  6. Your top 3 favorites, labeled 1-3, are viewable as a line option on your phone’s screen.
  7. When finished, press Save to save the contact.

Voicemail Setup

To set up your voicemail for the first time:

  1. Press the Voicemail button.
  2. Enter your default PIN, followed by the Pound key.

Note: Voicemail PINs cannot be your extension or phone number, cannot contain 3 or more repeated digits, and cannot be your last used PIN. If you get locked out, reach out to your site administrator or visit https://businesssupport.vonage.com/ for additional resources.

Update Voicemail

To update your voicemail:

  1. Select the Voicemail button.
  2. Enter your voicemail PIN.
  3. Press 4 for voicemail options.
  4. You can then select from the menu options provided:
    • Unavailable Greeting
    • Busy Greeting
    • Name Greeting
    • Out of Office Greeting
    • Updating your PIN

Access Voicemail

A red Message Waiting Indicator light notifies you when you have a new voicemail message. To check your voicemail:

  1. Dial your extension number.
  2. Press the dial softkey.
  3. Enter your voicemail passcode followed by the Pound (#) key.
  4. Follow the audio prompts to retrieve your voicemail messages.

Note: If you forget your voicemail passcode, please contact your system administrator to have it reset.