VBC Mobile App – Guide


Vonage Business Communications is a free cloud mobile software that allows you to use and control your Vonage Business phone service from your device. You can place and receive calls with this mobile client, send and receive text messages and access your customer contact history, and call settings.

How to Download the Mobile Software

You can download the mobile client one of two ways:

  1. From your desktop client.
  2. From the App Store or Google Play Store.

Downloading from the Desktop Client

Once logged into the desktop client, you can download the mobile application from your desktop dashboard. Using this method to download your mobile client ensures that you are downloading the correct version.

To download from your desktop client dashboard, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Use your Vonage Business phone on the go! in the lower, right-hand corner. This is the first step in getting the mobile client active on your phone.
  2. Proceed to select your correct country code.
  3. Enter your 10-digit mobile number. You will receive a text message on your device with a link to download the mobile client.
  4. Click the Send button.
  5. It will bring you to either the iTunes Store or Google Play, depending on your device.
  6. Click to install the app.

Once installed, you will be asked to log into the mobile app, this will be the same username and password you previously used to log in to WebConnect.

Downloading from the App Store or Google Play Store

You can also download the application by searching the App Store or Google Play store from your mobile device. Search Vonage Business Communications.

Once installed, log in using the same username and password used to log in to WebConnect.

Mobile App Overview

Upon logging in, you will see the dashboard with Messages being the first page you see. Let’s take a look around the mobile client to familiarize yourself with the app.

Chat Tab

The Chat tab is where you will send and receive chat messages and where a list of recent messages will be displayed. Chats are listed chronologically with the newest messages on top. Viewing and sending messages is easy.

  1. To continue a chat, open the message field and continue that conversation.
  2. To begin a new chat, tap the Chat icon in the upper, right corner.

History/Call Tab

The History or Call History tab displays all recent calls, including those you made, received and missed.

  1. To view only the calls you’ve missed, tap the Calls tab at the bottom of the application.
  2. Then tap the Missed tab.
  3. You can also initiate a new call from this page by tapping the New Call icon.

Dial Tab

The Dial tab works the same as the normal iPhone dialer and can be used for making calls to numbers that have not been saved as contacts. It can also be used to enter special star codes that will allow you to perform various actions including, retrieving group-parked calls, or enabling Do Not Disturb.

Contacts Tab

The Contacts tab contains all of your saved contacts. It is broken down into two distinct areas. All Contacts, which displays all your saved contacts and your Business Contacts, which displays contacts listed in your company’s directory.

Business Apps Tab

The Business Apps tab contains all of the additional apps you can manage use and purchase. You have access to:

  • Call Notes – Allows you to take notes while on an active call.
  • Spam Shield – Filters out potential robocalls and telemarketers.
  • Call Recording – Allows you to manage and listen to on-demand call recordings.
  • Amazon Chime – Automatically launched Amazon Chime, if installed on your device.

How to access your Quick Menu:

On the left side of the dashboard, you will see your Profile icon displaying your initials. This is the mobile client’s quick menu, to access this menu:

  • Tap your Profile icon, and the menu window appears.

Let’s take a look at the core menu options:

  1. Personal information is displayed here, including your name and extension.
  2. Here you can Mute all Devices, this disables inbound calls to all of your extension-related devices as well as disables all notifications.
  3. Here you can mute calls for the mobile client. When this option is enabled, all incoming calls will no longer ring the mobile app but will ring other devices associated with your number or extension.

How to access your Settings

To access your settings, from the Quick Menu, click on Settings. Here, you have the option to configure the following areas.


Here you can see and edit your contact information, username, password, and security questions.

Call Settings

This tab gives you access to configure certain calling features for your device. Here, you have access to :

Outgoing Data Calls

When enabled, you can tell your phone to either use WiFi or the phone’s data to make calls. If it is disabled, calls will be made using your cellular data.

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding allows you to choose how to direct calls when you’re not available. For the purpose of this guide, we will demonstrate how to Forward All Calls. You can call forward in the following ways:

Send to Voicemail

This enables you to call to be sent directly to your voicemail if there is no answer after a certain time period. To enable this feature:

  1. Click the Settings icon.
  2. Choose the length of time from the drop-down menu.
  3. Hit back to move back to the Call Forwarding menu.
  4. Tap the Save button to save your changes.
Forward All Calls

This allows you to forward incoming calls to an outside number. Most of the time, your mobile phone is the forwarded device. To enable this feature:

  1. Click the Settings icon.
  2. Enter a valid 10-digit number.
  3. Select the Caller ID to use, this is usually the default Originating Number option.
  4. Hit back to move back to the Call Forwarding menu.
  5. Tap the Save button to save your changes.
Follow Me

Follow Me allows you to direct incoming calls to ring up to five numbers in a sequence for a duration that you specify. To enable this feature:

  1. Click the Settings icon.
  2. Click Add and enter a valid 10-digit number.
  3. Proceed to select the number of seconds you want this number to ring for.
  4. When complete, tap the back button.
  5. Once complete, proceed to provide the no answer number, the default option is usually the best as this is your extension.
  6. Finally, select the Caller ID to use, this is typically the default Originating Number option. Click Save when complete.
Simultaneous Ring

Simultaneous Ring allows you to ring multiple devices at once. To enable this feature:

  1. Click the Settings icon.
  2. Click Add and enter a valid 10-digit number.
  3. Proceed to select the number of seconds you want this number to ring for.
  4. When complete, tap the back button.
  5. Once complete, proceed to provide the length of time it will ring before going to voicemail.
  6. Finally, select the Caller ID to use, this is usually the default Originating Number option. Click Save when complete.


Ringtone allows you to choose the specific ringtone for this Vonage app. Tap on the Ringtone tab to view your options. Your selected ringtone will be shown with a checkmark on the right-hand side.

Hide Vonage Calls on iPhone

This option allows you to hide vonage calls on the iPhone.


Messaging allows you to choose whether or not to be notified of new business messages. Choose the default numbers for business messages. Enable images to auto-download given the data type.


The Voicemail settings allows you can View your voicemail options

Mailbox Settings

In the Mailbox Settings, you can update your pin number and enable the Out of Office Service. When enabled, this will play your out of office message,

Voicemail to Email

Under Voicemail to Email, you can enable the application to send a notification to your email address when a new voice message arrives.


Within the Greetings settings, you can record a greeting for the following greeting types:

  • Name Greeting
  • Unavailable Greeting
  • Busy Greeting
  • Out of Office Greeting

To record a greeting for one of these items:

  1. Click on the Microphone icon.
  2. When ready, click the Record button. Begin relaying your message. When complete, tap Stop. You can either listen to it or re-record.
  3. If you are satisfied with the way it sounds, click the Use button. The recording will now be used for the greeting you chose.


Within your Contacts Settings, you can add your device contacts to Vonage Business. This will make your phone contacts available on all devices and platforms used. To add contacts, click on the contacts tab. Proceed to click on Add Business Contacts. Your contacts will appear on the screen. Navigate and select the ones you want to add and click Done when completed.


The logout area allows you to log out of the Vonage Business Communications mobile app.

How to Place Calls

There are several ways to place outbound calls using the mobile app.

To place a call from a contact:

  1. Find the contact in either your Favorites list or by searching your Directory.
  2. Tap their name.
  3. Tap the Call icon.

You can also initiate a call from a Chat Message. From the chat window:

  • Tap the Call Phone icon.

To place a call using your Dialpad:

  1. Select the Dialpad tab from the Main Menu.
  2. Enter a phone number.
  3. Tap on the green Dial button.

Blind Transfer

To transfer a call, during an active call:

  1. Tap Transfer.
  2. Select Blind Transfer.
  3. You can transfer the call to a contact within the directory by searching and tapping the contact you wish to transfer the call to.
  4. Or, you can transfer the call to an ad-hoc number by using the dialpad.
  5. Once selected or entered in the dialpad, the call is transferred to the recipient.

Attended Transfer

If you are on an active call, you can perform an Attended Transfer to another contact within the company directory or any other number you dial via the dial-pad.

To do this while on an active call:

  1. Tap Transfer.
  2. Click Attended Transfer.
  3. You can transfer to an ad-hoc number by using the dial pad here. To do this, tap the Dialpad icon.
  4. Enter the number. Once finished, hit the Call button.
  5. Once the third-party answers, you can then click Complete to complete the transfer.

Call on Hold

To put a call on hold, during an active call:

  • Tap Hold. The caller will go on hold and hear the on-hold audio based on the Music-on-Hold file that has been set up for your business.

To resume the call:

  • Tap the Hold icon again.

Call Park

To park a call while on an active call:

  1. Press the Park icon. This will park the call.
  2. A dialog box will appear with the Call Park spot, make note of the number for future reference.
  3. Your call is now parked.

To retrieve a parked call, from the dial pad:

  1. Dial *104.
  2. Enter the Call Park spot number.
  3. You will now be connected to the parked call.

Call Notes

To actively take notes while on an active call:

  1. Tap the Notes icon.
  2. A little sentence should appear on the note page along the top with the caller and date information.
  3. You may now begin to enter notes about the call.
  4. When finished, click Done. Your notes will now be saved.


Vonage Business Communications Mobile app allows you to set up meetings with other individuals. To initiate a meeting:

  1. Click on the Calls icon. The call screen will show.
  2. In the upper right-hand corner. Click on the meeting plus icon.

The new Meeting Meeting screen will appear along the bottom.

  1. You can choose to select one or more participants from the participant tab.
  2. You can also send the link to any internal or external invitees by copying this email and sending your meeting link via email to each invitee.
  3. When participants are selected or an external link copied, click New Meeting.

Here you will see several meeting control options on the screen:

Along the top:

  • You can mute your microphone by clicking the microphone icon.
  • You can enable or disable the video option by clicking the camera icon. If you enable the camera, the Flip option on the top left will become active. Tapping the Flip icon will toggle your camera view from your front and rear camera on your mobile device.
  • You can leave the meeting by clicking the end icon.

Along the bottom:

  • You can view participants by tapping here.
  • To return to the meeting view, tap the meeting icon.
  • You can check, send and receive chat message here.